Jun 22

New stuff | Milford

Been crazy busy at work so no new post for a while. Catching up with some stuff from Stockholm based animation studio Milford

production company: Manifesto Films
milford director: Michel Guillemain
milford producer: Andrea Bergendahl

agency: Bensimon Byrne
director: Kevin Grady, againstallodds
milford producer: Sven Ohlson


May 31

ILP is hiring!!

Come join the pirate ship for some epic cool work.

ILP is looking for numerous positions.

If you’re thirsting for some thrilling VFX to sink your teeth into, come join us! We are looking for various talents, preferably starting this summer, but as always we warmly welcome all artists to apply anytime.
Curious? Sign up at http://ilpvfx.com/careers We eagerly look forward to hearing from you!


May 12

Filmgate showreel 2017

New reel from Filmgate in Gothenburg.


May 11

Black studios – Raid WW2 breakdown

Nice breakdown from Bläck for their work on Raid WW2 trailer.




May 09

Trollywood animation festival – presentation by ILP

Don’t miss out on Nicklas Andersson, Animation Supervisor Important Looking Pirates showing some nice Animation from ILP’s work on various Tv-series at Trollywood animation festival Thursday 11th of May.

Programme 2017

Apr 03

Mr Clean – Important Looking Pirates

Some Mr Clean commercials

Cleaner of your dreams



Proctor & Gamble / Mr Clean
Leo Burnett Toronto
Agency Producer
Tina Muratovic
Agency Creatives
Heather Chambers, Mike Cook, Mike Sheehan
Live Action Production Company
Partners Film Inc.
Live action Director
Martin Werner
Executive Producer AAO
Fritte Colliander
Animation Director AAO
Derek Picken / Niklas Rissler


VFX Company
Important Looking Pirates
VFX Producer
Manuela Cripps
VFX Supervisor
Bobo Skipper
CG Artists
Andreas Weidman, Erik Tylberg, Patrik Wedinger, Mats Torstensson, Daniel Midholt, Kristian Ström, Martin Eneroth Johansson, Björn Sjöberg, Simon Decombel, Niklas Nyqvist, Linus Lindblom, Biljana Temelkova.
Cleaning rebel

Apr 03

Filmgate commercial reel 2017

Filmgate commercial reel 2017

Apr 02

Walking dead breakdown – Fido

Splatter and blood reel from Fido for the Walking dead. Nothing for peeps who doesn’t like gore…

Apr 02

IMG – Worlds of Adventures – FIDO

New stuff from Fido




Production Company: N Digitec
Dinosaur VFX: Fido
VFX Supervisor: Joakim Eriksson
VFX Executive Producer: Claes Dietmann
VFX Producer: Hanna Bengtsson, Matilda Olsson
Modeling: Magnus Eriksson, Sandra Isaksson, Jacob Moilanen
Lookdev: Joakim Eriksson, Linus Holm
Mattepainting: Mikael Widegren
Rigging: Magnus Eriksson, Peter Jemstedt
Previz: Joakim Eriksson
Tracking: Jacob Moilanen
Animation: Cameron Scott, Rickard Engqvist
Lighting: Henrik Eklundh, Erika Johansson, Joakim Eriksson
Compositing: Peter Blomstrand, Zebastian Lilja, Max Wester, Henrik Klein, Mattias Sandelius
Plate prep: Tomas Näslund, Mattias Sandelius
Pipeline: Erik Johansson

Mar 20

Vintr – Cg Volvo cars

Some impressive CG car work from Vintr in Gothenburg.

See more at http://www.vintr.se/project/volvo-v90-cross-country/