Jul 06

Magoo is looking for a 3D-generalist!

Magoo is hiring a 3D-generalist

We are looking for a super-talented 3D generalist. The ideal candidate has strong visual design skills with broad knowledge in 3D (modelling, texturing, animation, lighting and rendering) The complete package basically.

Our pipeline is built around 3dsmax and V-Ray, compositing in Nuke and After Effects.

It is a merit if you have experience in these applications.

Professional experience in the business is a plus, so is Maxscript- and Python knowledge.

Employment is permanent as staff.

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May 30

Overkill’s The Walking Dead: Grant Trailer | GBK

New trailer for TWD Overkill from GBK



Goodbye Kansas Cinematic Team
Director: Fredrik Löfberg
Art Director: Gustaf Holmsten
VFX Supervisor: Henrik Eklundh
Animation Director: Jonas Ekman
Executive Producer: Jörgen Lilja
Producer: Thomas Oger

Lead Character artists: Daniel Bystedt
Character Modeling: Sandra Isaksson, Jonas Skoog, Adam Sacco, Mario Baldi
Lead Facial Modeler: Jonas Törnqvist
Facial Modeler : Anneli Larsson, Jonas Skoog
Character Look Development: Henrik Eklundh, Jonas Skoog, Daniel Bystedt, Sandra Isaksson

Lead Environment Artist: Gustav Alexandersson
Assets Modelers: Magnus Andersson, Philip Sandström, Erik Hallberg, Frans Åkerman
Lead Environment Look Development : Jesper Bardhamre, Hannes Drossel
Look Development Artists: Jesper Bardhamre, Kristian Zarins, Magnus Andersson, Philip Sandström, Frans Åkerman

Lead Lighting Artists : Kristian Zarins, Hannes drossel
Lighting and Rendering: Erika Johansson, Hannes Drossel, Sandra Scholz

Lead Rigging: Peter Jemstedt
Lead Character FX : Ludvig Eliasson
Facial Rigging : Nils Lerin

Lead Animator: Jonas Ekman
Lead Facial Animator: Goran Milic
Animator: Jonas Forsman
Motion Editor: Mattias Lindkvist

Lead FX: Max Öberg
FX Artists : Ludvig Jonsson

Technical Director : Simon Rainerson

Lead MattePainter and Concept Artist: Mikael Widegren
Concept Artist : Teo Mathlein

Lead Compositing: Calle Granström
Compositing Artist: Peter Blomstrand
Editor: Peter Blomstrand

Pipeline: Erik Johansson, Emil Ferdinandsson

Sound design: Redpipe
Sound designer: Joakim Kristensen

Grading : Martin Steinberg

Goodbye Kansas Studios Capture Division
Head of Mocap Studio: Anton Söderhall
Motion capture Specialists: Samuel Tyskling, David Grice, Nils Aulin, Marko Marinkovic
HMC Operator : Sigtor Kildal
Scan Operator : Roger Sundberg

Performance Actors:
Grant : William Hope
Hero Walker: Seth Ericson
Walkers: Nicklas Hansson

Client: Starbreeze
Producer: Hampus Gross
Writer: Thomas Conroy
Executive Producer: Saul Gascon
Art director: Joakim Ericson

May 29

ARAG – “Miethai” – commercial | GBK

ARAG – “Miethai” – commercial

New commercial work from GBK

Director: Claas Ortmann
Production company: Big Fish
Agency: Fluent
VFX by Goodbye Kansas
Executive Producers: Petra Monheim, Claes Dietmann
Producers: Johan Edström. Wiebke Warndorf
Creative Director, Animation Supervisor and On set Supervisor: Rickard Engqvist
CGI Supervisor, Lookdev Artist and Lighter: Erika Johansson
Concept Modeler: Erik Hallberg
Concept Modeler and Fur Groomer: Sandra Isaksson
Modeler and Rigger: Magnus Eriksson
Lookdev Artist: Alexis Andersson
Rigger: Riham Toulan
Lead Animator: Jonas Forsman
Lead Compositing Artists: Karl Rydhe, Martin Borell
Concept Designers: Patrick Bandau, Mikael Eriksson
Lighter: Andreas Leijon
Tracking: Borja A. Ortiz, Magnus Andersson
On-Line Supervisor and Assistant VFX Sup on set: Finn Jäger
Coordinator: Alexander Darell
Physical props: Niklas Hermansson / Fixas


May 28

The top universities in the UK to launch your career in Animation or VFX • Full Rotation – Design & Animation

Great article on how to pick university in the UK – by Full Rotation – Design & Animation


Do you want to have a career in animation or visual effects? We set out to ask the top university and colleges in the UK about what they can offer you if their students have gone onto work at any big studios or on any feature films and large projects.

Source: The top universities in the UK to launch your career in Animation or VFX • Full Rotation – Design & Animation