Apr 02

Bredbandsbolaget breakdowns | Stopp

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Nice breakdowns of bredbandsbolaget from Stopp. Keep it coming!

Agency Acne Advertising and director Oskar Bård came to Stopp with two
imaginative scripts for the new TVC campaign for Bredbandsbolaget.
After the first meeting everyone agreed that the way to go was to
create a lot of the characters and environment in CG to realize
Oskar’s vision.
The Stopp Vfx team was super stoked to be a part of such a fun

project. CG assets to be created and animated was everything from a

monster with arms like an octopus, to a giant space rocket. All in a
bright Bredbandsbolaget fantasy world.
In close collaboration with The Stopp vfx-team Oskar started to
visualize the script in to pictures and also developed a fighting

choreography. The next step was a test shoot in the studio.

The first choreographed test shoot was later edited in to a first
rough cut. And further developed in to detailed animatics for the two

Bredbandsbolaget – Monstret, breakdown
Bredbandsbolaget – Snabbare än snabbt, breakdown


Bredbandsbolaget – Snabbare än snabbt, progression breakdown