Mar 08

Bredbandsbolaget Pixels | Important looking pirates

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Check out this epic full Cg TVC from Important looking pirates in Stockholm.



VFX: Important Looking Pirates

  • VFX Supervisor: Yafei Wu
  • VFX Producer: Måns Björklund
  • Lead 3D Artist: Daniel Rådén
  • 3D Artists: Martin Eneroth, Patrik Wedinger, Bobo Skipper,Jonas Andersson, Victor Carlander, Björn Malmgren, Martin Karlsson, Elin Lavén, Max Erlandsson, Jason Martin, Damien Delanuey, Saleh Najib
  • 2D Artists: David Wahlberg, Jens Tenland, Niklas Nyqvist


Mar 01

Bredbandsbolaget | Stopp

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Film#2 from Hobbyfilm and vfx by Stopp for Bredbandsbolaget.



In this second installment of Bredbandsbolaget’s new commercial campaign, agency Acne and director Oskar Bård went far beyond the fencing tentacle monster and asked us to create a film where high speed is the unmistakable message. Set in BB’s white world, we follow a girl in her armchair, surfing progressively faster and faster, illustrated by being quickly dragged away by a pack of mechanical dogs, on top of a high-speed train, sitting on top of a high-powered rocket, and the whole thing carried on BB’s shoulders.

Stopp Vfx began by creating an animatic for the whole spot, using this we could decide on camera angles and timing and for planning the shoot. The live action elements were carefully filmed to get angles and light just right to make a seamless composite with the CG world. For the more distant shots, a CG-double were used for the girl and armchair. Stopp Vfx developed the look in collaboration with the agency and director, our team worked with modelling, lighting, animation and compositing for about 6 weeks to finish the spot. Sound production, final touches and grading were also made in-house here at Stopp.–-snabbare-an-snabbt/

Credit list

Agency: Acne Advertising
Director: Oskar Bard
Production Company: Hobby Film
Vfx Supervisor: Johan Boije
Compositor: Johan BoijeJulius DenizhanCrawford Reilly
Lead CG: Arvid Björn
CG: Anton LjungdahlAnton PalmqvistJohannes Carlsten
Grade: Annika Pehrson
Sound: Edward BjörnerEric Thorsell
Producer: Idamarie Sjöberg
DoP: Kjell Lagerroos
Vfx Coordinator: Jakob Andersson
Animator: Andrea Kozakova