Jan 28

GIFF vignette | Milford

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Check out this years GIFF vignette (Göteborg film festival). A very nice production from Milford film & Animation with some

very nice dragon acting. I want to see more…


Sep 19

Teaser – Opening sequence GIFF | Milford

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New press release from Milford today. They are working on this years opening sequence for GIFF (Göteborg film festival). Check out the teaser they have produced so far. Looking forward to see the end result.



Kund: Göteborg International Film Festival
Ad agency: SCP
Production company: Milford Film & Animation
3D/VFX company: Milford Film & Animation
Directors: Fredrik Falck from FLX and Derek Picken from againstallodds
Milford Film animates the well-known festival dragon
Animation studio Milford Film & Animation steps into the festival scene as they for the first time become one of the main sponsors of the Göteborg International Film Festival. Milford Film will produce the vignette film for the 2013 year festival and sees the creation of the festival dragon as an exciting opportunity to develop a dynamic creature in a cinematic environment. The original dragon concept was previously developed by the film festival’s advertising agency SCP.
We work mostly for clients abroad and it is not that often opportunities arise to produce character animation here in Sweden. This project really fits our ambition to further develop dynamic and realistic creature animation. That the dragon is well-known and popular makes this project even more fun and challenging”, says Johan Gustafsson, CEO and Executive Producer at Milford Film.
Since June this year, Milford Film has worked on the design of the dragon as well as the story of the opening sequence together with SCP and production companies againstallodds and FLX. Johan Gustafsson further explains: “We decided to work together and brainstorm to come up with the best story. The dragon is now about 5 years old and as mischievous as any child, which means that anything can happen in this film.” The vignette is currently in pre-production”
Jan 28

GIFF Vignette | Visual art

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New Vignette for GIFF, Göteborg International Film festival made by Visual art and starring an irresistible, beautiful looking baby dragon.

Well done all involved!


The ad agency SCP asked us if we were interested in sponsoring the Göteborg International Film Festival with a vignette, and since we really liked the idea and of course love the festival –it was a given. Last year the dragon was in its womb but now for 2012 it was time for the baby dragon to enter the world. With an enthusiastic and brilliant team we are happy with the result and had a lot of fun on the way. Big thanks to everyone that helped again!


Director: Fredrik Löfberg
Agency: SCP Tommy Östberg
Client: GIFF, Karl Svedung
CD: Johan Rimér
Exec.producer: Dan Svensson
Producer: Sandra Fohlin
DOP: Simon Rudholm
Focus Puller: Örjan Thöverstam
Gaffer: Joakim Bengtsson
Best boy: Peter Övgård
Art director: Robert Bohman
Props master: Melker Skoog, Ludvig Köhler
Costume & Makeup: Jenny Hansen
Costume & Makeup asst.: Boel Wolt
Prod.assistent: Jonas Magnusson, Emilia Sjöberg
Behind the scenes: Åke Löfberg
3D: Henrik Eklundh and Jonas Ekman
VFX: Calle Granström, Marcus Melin, Peter Blomstrand
Sound & Music: Red Pipe
Grade: Stopp
Scanning: Scanity
Rentals:KameraTen, Dagsljus
Linda Källgren
Jonas Lundgren
Malin Bergström
Oliver Liard Göthberg