Jun 02

The Losers | Jesper Kjölsrud on-set supervisor Image Engine

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Jesper Kjölsrud has been doing some on-set supervision for “The Losers” at Image Engine. Read more about the project  here and read the article in Fxguide.

Director Sylvain White’s comic adaptation of The Losers tells the story of a vigilante CIA black ops team hell-bent on uncovering a double-crossing plot against them. Under the overall vfx sup. of Richard Yuricich, Image Engine completed 147 shots for the film featuring no less than planes, buses, bullets & explosions. We talk to Image Engine visual effects supervisor Simon Hughes & visual effects producer Steve Garrad.

fxg: What were the main Image Engine contributions to The Losers?

Steve Garrad: There were basically three big scenes. The opening sequence featured the bus explosion and also involved a CG plane and a background matte painting by Deak Ferrand at Hatch. Then we did a big explosion made up with elements, with the ‘Losers’ running away with the kids they’ve saved. Then there’s the Miami heist. They’re flying in their helicopter and steal ‘the package’, which turns out to be an armored vehicle. Some of that was a CG helicopter, but it’s mostly practical. The magnet is all-CG and the armored car is as well. The finale is the jet runway sequence where the bad guy is killed as he flies into the engine. You’ve got to have your bad guy dying badly. It’s a CG plane, explosions and a CG digi-double. Good boy’s fun, basically!

read more at:

fxguide – maya:after effects:avid – Image Engine are no Losers.

Dec 12

District 9 – Jesper Kjölsrud Supporting Visual Effects Sequence Supervisors

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Imagine engine in Vancouver did a great job on Neill Blomkamps “District 9“, one of the them was Jesper Kjölsrud from Gävle.  His role on “District 9”  was  Supporting Visual Effects Sequence Supervisor.  Great work Jesper!
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