May 18

Stadium “Running” | ILPVFX

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Some great set-extensions and cg environments for “Stadium” done by ILPVFX. Produced by B-Reel films and directed by Filip Tellander.

Don’t forget to have a look at the “behind the scenes” work!

Client: Stadium
Agency: Frankenstein
Project Manager: Ann-Sofi Osvald
CD: Pontus Frankenstein
Art Director: Anders Lövgren
Production Company: B-Reel Film
Director: Filip Tellander
Line Producer: Lars Nordenson
DOP: Fredrik Bäckar
Sound: Redpipe
Music: Klas Åhlund
Online: ILP
ILP Team:
VFX Supervisor: Niklas Jacobson
VFX Producer: Frida Färlin
VFX Team: Jonas Andersson, Björn Malmgren, Dongjoo Artursson
May 17

Vitamin Well | ILPVFX | Jesper Kouthoofd

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A new “splashing” update from ILPVFX.

ILP has teamed up with Jesper Kouthoofd for this launch campaign for Swedish vitamin drink called “Vitamin Well”. Yet another great fluid experiment from the ILP team.

Vitamin Well:
Marketing Manager: Jimmy Ramstedt
Brand Manager: Catharina Carlsdotter
Lowe Brindfors:
Project Manager: John Öhlin
Production Manager: Kristin Enersen
AD: Rickard Villard
Copy: Stefan Pagreus
Planner: Joakim Wållgren
Graphic design: Jesper Kewenter and Isabel Widén
ILP Team:
VFX Supervisor: Niclas Jacobson
VFX Producer: Frida Färlin
VFX Team: Niklas Ström, Jonas Andersson, Dongjoo Artursson, Sebastian Rosso, Björn Malmgren, Daniel Rådén, Yafei Wu
May 02

Swedish Seat collaboration

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New car commercial for Seat ecomotive. 3D done by ILPVFX. Production company: Acne, directors: Wreck creative studios


Apr 29

Bredbandsbolaget | ILPVFX

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New stuff from ILP

Important looking pirates created the cg orch playing the drums in the background in this

Bredbandsbolaget tvc. Well done!


Mar 23

Telenor Walking | Dreamfield

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Dreamfield in Skellefteå has just finished post production on a few commercials for Telenor. Their work involved real life footage composited with miniatures and 3D, wire removal, set extentions and motion graphics. Production time was about 10 days to finish one 45 sec and three 30 sec, all filmed on s35 and scanned to HD.

View the movie here



Agency: TRY Oslo
Brand: Telenor
Production Company: ACNE Production
Directors: Popcore
DoP: Crille Forsberg
Digital Compositors DRMFLD: Eric Öhman, Simon Tingell
Motion Designer/Visual Effects DRMFLD: Petter Arnqvist Eriksson
3D: Important Looking Pirates

Feb 05

important looking pirates | Absolut “Loops”

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ILP have been busy bee’s lately, have a look at their latest creation for Absolut Vodka and Acne Production.

Very nice full cg spots, as all work from ILP beautiful rendered.

Important Looking Pirates just finished two Absolute Vodka, full CG spots, for ACNE production. The challenge was to create a photo realistic set featuring a wide range of frozen objects in mid-air. We tried to capture the action and the weight of falling objects.


Direction: Daniel Skoglund, Linnéa Bergman Sjöstrand
Producer: Pål Åsberg
Line Producer: Alexander Blidner
Production coordinators: Marcus Henricsson/Karolina Sjöborg
ILP team:
VFX Supervisor: Niklas Jacobson
VFX Producer: Frida Färlin
VFX team: Daniel Rådén, Niklas Ström, Sigurd Fernström, Niklas Nyqvist

Read more at: important looking pirates | Absolut.

Jan 22

Let’sDance | important looking pirates

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Let’s Dance “promos”

Important Looking Pirates finished off 2009 with a trailer and print campaign for Let’s Dance – one of Sweden’s most popular TV shows.

ILP did three promo spots with accompanying prints where each dancer was was enhanced by a unique effect.


Art directed by Brokendoll, each wing was composed by a variety of CG fluid, cloth and particle elements to make it look dynamic and fun. With no physical rules to follow there was an excellent opportunity to be creative, making the male dancer Stefan Sauk’s effect very dramatic and the shot with Elin Kling more feminine and vibrant.

projects/Let'sDance_promos_December-2009/images/letsDance_B_thumb.jpg projects/Let'sDance_promos_December-2009/images/letsDance_A_thumb.jpg projects/Let'sDance_promos_December-2009/images/letsDance_D_thumb.jpgprojects/Let'sDance_promos_December-2009/images/letsDance_C_thumb.jpg projects/Let'sDance_promos_December-2009/images/letsDance_F_thumb.jpg projects/Let'sDance_promos_December-2009/images/letsDance_E_thumb.jpg

important looking pirates | Let’sDance.

Jan 22

Adidas | important looking pirates

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A nice collaboration between ILP and North Kingdom. Nice work!

The well known Swedish interactive design firm North Kingdom hired us to create high-end VFX for “Teamgeist” – a campaign site for Adidas. Our task was to create the transformation effect when the team members turn into faceless players.


Agency: North Kingdom
Film Production: Direktörn & Fabrikörn
Sound: Dinamhoe
Post: Dreamfield, Important Looking Pirates, Fido
Web production: Thomson Interactive
Norh Kingdom Team:
Creative Director/copy: David Eriksson
Account Director: Roger Stighäll
Producer: Marcus Ivarsson
Lead Art Director: Robert Lindström
User Experience Designer: Linus Nilsson
Planner: Sonja Lakner
Lead 3D Artist: Mathias Lindgren
Lead Flash Developer: Hans Eklund
Production Manager: Mia Wallmark
Graphic Designer: Mikael Forsgren
Assistant Art Director: Kalle Engström
Flash Developer: David Lundmark
Flash Developer: Kim Eriksson
3D Artist: Daniel Wallström
3D Artist: Lucian Trofin
Designer: Felix Hill Motion
Illustrator: Therese Larsson
Film Production Manager: Kristina Junzell
ILP team:
VFX Supervisor: Yafei Wu
VFX Producer: Frida Färlin
VFX team: Jonas Andersson, Niklas Ström,Niklas Jacobson, Patrik Wedinger, Erik Axelson, Sverker Nordqvist

Campaign site

important looking pirates | Adidas.

Oct 16

Fastighetsbyrån “Equalizer”| important looking pirates

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Ännu en fin reklamfilm för Fastighetsbyrån med vfx producerat av ILP. Musik av Teddybears.

mer info

VFX supervisor: Niklas Jacobson
VFX producer: Frida Färlin
VFX team: Daniel Rådén, Sigurd Fernström

Detta är en uppföljare till Fastighetsbyrån


Sep 16

Marabou “Sensation” – Important Looking Pirates

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ILP’s latest work for Ogilvy Group introducing two new products for Marabou. The spot takes us on a liquid toffee and youghurt filled flumride with raspberries and walnuts racing to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Hats off to the great people at Ogilvy for trusting us with this exciting project featuring challenges like CG fluids and crowds of cheerful ingredients.

Don´t forget to check out our “making of”