Dec 13

New game related stuff from Visual art

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2 brand new game related from Visual art.

Visual Art´s 3rd production for Sony´s Book of spells is a TVC, this time the creative idea comes from 180 Amsterdam. Director Marcus Lundin has yet again captured the AR experience in a fun and exciting way.


Client: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Agency: 180 Amsterdam
Art Director: Ed Ryder
Copywriter: Bryan Stewart
Creative Director: Galen Graham
Producer: Susan Cook
Account Manager: Francisca Maier

Director: Marcus Lundin
Exec Producer: Dan Svensson
VFX Supervisor: Peter Blomstrand/Pontus Ekstrand
Telecine: Cinepost
Sound: RedPipe
Service production: Partnership pictures

God of War: Ascension “Evil Ways” Official Multiplayer Trailer


Watch the epic new God of War: Ascension “Evil Ways” Trailer and follow a standoff so epic it can only be God of War as four warriors compete to rise from warrior to champion of the Gods! Join the God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta on January 8th 2013 only on PlayStation®Plus.

Begin A Warrior, Rise A Champion.

Client: Playstation
Director: Marcus Lundin
Exec. Producer: Dan Svensson
3D lead: Henrik Eklundh
2D lead: Peter Blomstrand/Calle Granström
3D Team: Jonas Skoog, Jonas Ekman, Pontus Ekstrand, Viktoria Anselm, Kristian Mårtensson
2D: Erik Lindgren
Sound: RedPipe
Telecine: Mike Cosola, Cinepost