Dec 16

Jordskott, short VFX reel from STOPP/FAMILY

Jordskott was broadcast on Swedish Television during spring of 2015.

The ones involved

Vfx Supervisor/On-set Supervisor: Arvid Björn
Lead CG artist: Arvid Björn
Lead compositor: Victor Sanchez
Senior CG artist: Per Bergstén
Senior CG artist: Robin Erneström
Character animator: Niklas Lundgren
Junior Compositor: Vincent Tseng
Additional compositing: Johan Boije




Dec 12

Adidas brazuca | Stopp

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Check out the latest hot spot for next years world cup official football in Brasil called Brazuca manufactured by Adidas.

Stopp/family had their hands full 40 shots including crazy shot 360 material, star footballer face replacements, cg crowds and stadiums. Read in depth on

Oct 07

Best VFX and Animation category nominations | Roy

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So the Swedish ROY-gala is getting closer. The nominations are released:

In the  VFX category:

Pixels – VFX by Important Looking pirates.

Lotto – VFX by STOPP

Everyday simplified – VFX på Important looking pirates and Hobbyfilm

In the animation category:

Ancient Invention – Animation by Naive

Sony wonderbook trailer –  Visual art

Compilation – Hobbyanimation

Check out all the nominees:


Dec 09

Testing the “Pro” in Apple ProRes

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Some testing from stopp.

Testing the “Pro” in Apple ProRes
This test started out to check color fidelity with Apple ProRes and The Foundry products like Nuke and Hiero. We knew from earlier that results wouldn’t be ideal.
Later we expanded the test to other video applications and encoding software to see what that would give us. The outcome was quite disturbing. A format most people believe to be stable in terms of color turns out to be not so “Pro” at all



Aug 31

Lotto bilbanan breakdown | STOPP

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Great breakdown and great work from Stopp. They used Softimage for 3D and Nuke for Compositing and worked for about 8 weeks.




Aug 15

Lotto Bilbana | Stopp

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Brilliant idea from word famous swedish directors Traktor. A giant car racing game!


Directors: Traktor
Executive Producer: Traktor
Line Producer:Anna Adamson
VFX Supervisor: Arvid Björn
Comp Lead: Johan Boije
Compositors: Crawford Reilly, Valdemar Gezelius, Linus Eriksson, Jonas Jäderholm, Håkan Jonsson, Samuel Schulthess
CG: Arvid Björn, Johannes Carlsten, Anton Ljungdahl, Anton Palmqvist, Per Bergstén
VFX Coordinators: Jakob Andersson, John Thorstensson
Sound: Edward Björner, Eric Thorsell
Post producers: Idamarie Sjöberg, Niklas Magnusson

Jun 17

Gevalia Monsoon | STOPP

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New stuff from STOPP for Gevalia coffee.


Agency: Lowe Brindfors
Director: Jörgen Lööf
Production Company: Atmosfär
Compositor: Crawford ReillyJonas JäderholmJohan BoijeValdemar Gezelius
CG: Arvid Björn
Grade: Björn Frithiof
Post Producer: Idamarie Sjöberg
Producer: Pelle Ohrgren
Vfx Coordinator: Jakob Andersson

Apr 02

Bredbandsbolaget breakdowns | Stopp

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Nice breakdowns of bredbandsbolaget from Stopp. Keep it coming!

Agency Acne Advertising and director Oskar Bård came to Stopp with two
imaginative scripts for the new TVC campaign for Bredbandsbolaget.
After the first meeting everyone agreed that the way to go was to
create a lot of the characters and environment in CG to realize
Oskar’s vision.
The Stopp Vfx team was super stoked to be a part of such a fun

project. CG assets to be created and animated was everything from a

monster with arms like an octopus, to a giant space rocket. All in a
bright Bredbandsbolaget fantasy world.
In close collaboration with The Stopp vfx-team Oskar started to
visualize the script in to pictures and also developed a fighting

choreography. The next step was a test shoot in the studio.

The first choreographed test shoot was later edited in to a first
rough cut. And further developed in to detailed animatics for the two

Bredbandsbolaget – Monstret, breakdown
Bredbandsbolaget – Snabbare än snabbt, breakdown


Bredbandsbolaget – Snabbare än snabbt, progression breakdown


Mar 01

Bredbandsbolaget | Stopp

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Film#2 from Hobbyfilm and vfx by Stopp for Bredbandsbolaget.



In this second installment of Bredbandsbolaget’s new commercial campaign, agency Acne and director Oskar Bård went far beyond the fencing tentacle monster and asked us to create a film where high speed is the unmistakable message. Set in BB’s white world, we follow a girl in her armchair, surfing progressively faster and faster, illustrated by being quickly dragged away by a pack of mechanical dogs, on top of a high-speed train, sitting on top of a high-powered rocket, and the whole thing carried on BB’s shoulders.

Stopp Vfx began by creating an animatic for the whole spot, using this we could decide on camera angles and timing and for planning the shoot. The live action elements were carefully filmed to get angles and light just right to make a seamless composite with the CG world. For the more distant shots, a CG-double were used for the girl and armchair. Stopp Vfx developed the look in collaboration with the agency and director, our team worked with modelling, lighting, animation and compositing for about 6 weeks to finish the spot. Sound production, final touches and grading were also made in-house here at Stopp.–-snabbare-an-snabbt/

Credit list

Agency: Acne Advertising
Director: Oskar Bard
Production Company: Hobby Film
Vfx Supervisor: Johan Boije
Compositor: Johan BoijeJulius DenizhanCrawford Reilly
Lead CG: Arvid Björn
CG: Anton LjungdahlAnton PalmqvistJohannes Carlsten
Grade: Annika Pehrson
Sound: Edward BjörnerEric Thorsell
Producer: Idamarie Sjöberg
DoP: Kjell Lagerroos
Vfx Coordinator: Jakob Andersson
Animator: Andrea Kozakova