May 24

Swedish visual effects assosication

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So the Swedish Visual Effects Association is live now after it’s first official meeting.


So what is Swedish Visual Effects Association?

Swedish Visual Effects Association invites all ranks of artists, engineers, scientists and management in our field to be a part of our community.
In this we include the artists traditionally belonging to the field of practical effects, recognizing it makes imagery richer when working together.
And for the sake of being future safe we also invite the artists creating 2d-3d visual effects for the stage – an area approaching more and more what we do.
Furthermore, our goals are:
– We aim to enlighten the public what fabulous work are created for the big screen and TV in our country, and what a fantastic fusion of Art and Science our workplace is.
– We want to encourage cooperation between the various vendors of VFX to make our business more resourceful and robust against economic fluctuations.
– We will work to increase exchange between our field and institutions of higher education to further the development of tools in our artists palette.
-We want to tighten the bonds between our members through that of sharing, helping and protecting – and thereby inspire our members to new levels of creativity and expertise.
// The board members.


Thanks everyone who come to the 1st meeting.

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