Sep 19

Westworld breakdown – ILP

Check out this new breakdown from ILP on their work on Westworld (Emmy winner 2017)

Watch it on ILP’s vimeo page.


Sep 18

Westworld – ILP – Emmy winner in OUTSTANDING SPECIAL VISUAL EFFECTS – 2017 !

As you might already know, ILP with VFX supervisor Bobo Skipper and modelling lead artist Gustav Ahren won an Emmy award the 11th of September at the Emmy crafts award.

It was a big honor to be in LA at Microsoft arena to pick up the award.

I believe it is the 1st time any Scandinavian vfx company has won an Emmy (please correct me if I’m wrong)

See the award and thank you camera speech here


Aug 25



Client: Experiment 101 / THQ Nordic
Production company: Goodbye Kansas Studios

Goodbye Kansas Cinematic Team
Director: Laurent Clermont
Art Director: Gustaf Holmsten
VFX Supervisor: Pontus Garmvild
Executive Producers: Peter Levin,
Annika Torell Österman, Tom Olsson, Jörgen Lilja
Script & Character development: Stefan Ljungqvist
Production Coordinator: Fredrik Juréen
Storyboard Artist: Gustav Ekelund
Concept & Character Artists: Daniel Bystedt, Christopher Brändström
3D Artists: Sandra Isaksson, Anneli Larsson, Sean Kalamgi
3D Artist Intern: Georgios Sideras
Rigging & Cloth TD: Peter Jemstedt
Animation Lead: Jonas Ekman
Animator: Robert Rosén, Jonathan Skifs
FX Artists: Max Öberg, Simon Rainersson
Lighting Artists: Hannes Drossel, Kristian Zarins, Henrik Eklundh,
Compositing Lead: Peter Blomstrand
Compositor: Mattias Sandelius

Goodbye Kansas Studios Capture Division
Studio manager: Anton Söderhäll
Motion Capture Supervisor: Samuel Tyskling
Motion Capture Lead: David Grice
Motion Capture Specialist: Nils Aulin
Performance Actors: Tim Man, Seth Ericson

Aug 24

Unchained Announcement trailer | GBK



Client: Toadman Interactive
Production Company: Goodbye Kansas Studios.

Director: Fredrik Löfberg
VFX Supervisor: Magnus Eriksson
Executive Producer: Tom Olsson
Producer: Matilda Olsson
Production Coordinator: Jóna Karen Wedholm
Concept Artist: Mikael Eriksson
Matte Painting Artist: Kait Kybar
Character Artists: Magnus Eriksson
Lead Rigging TD: Jimmy Johansson
Character FX: Ludvig Eliasson
3D & Lighting Artists: Andreas Leijon, Erika Johansson
Compositors: Alexander Eriksson, Sven Ahlström

Goodbye Kansas Studios Capture Division
Executive Producer: Anton Söderhäll
Motion Capture Supervisor: Samuel Tyskling
Motion Capture Lead: David Grice
Stage Manager: Marko Marinkovic
Motion Editor: Mattias Lindkvist
Motion Capture Specialist: Nils Aulin
Motion Capture Specialist: Oskar Olsson
Production Assistant: Adam Vadi Dris
Performance Actor: Anton Söderhäll

Aug 23

GOT – Frozen Lake BTS

Some spoilers so look away. Just had to share.

Aug 20

Zlatan Legends teaser trailer | GBK


Client: ISBIT Games
Director: Laurent Clermont
Executive Producer: Jörgen Lilja
Producer: Johan Sundbaum
Supervisor: Henrik Eklundh
Modeling lead: Daniel Bystedt
Modeling: Alexis Andersson, Erik Hallberg,
Mo-Cap, Studio Director: Anton Söderhäll
Animation: Jonas Ekman, Jonathan Skifs
Rigging: Peter Jemstedt
L/R: Simon Rainerson, Henrik Eklundh
FX: Max Öberg
Mattepainting: Teo Mathlein, Calle Granström
Compositing: Peter Blomstrand, Calle Granström

Aug 17

Wild boar VW – FABLE FX

Some WVW – Wild boar for VW from Fable FX

Aug 17

SWISS are looking for artists

SWISS are looking for artists


SWISS International AB

We have plenty of awesome projects lined up this autumn so we are looking for more talented people to join us!
Open full time positions:
-Post Production Producer
-Post Production Co-ordinator
-VFX Supervisor
-Senior 3D Generalist, preferably specialised in one or more of
FX / Look Dev / Shading / Lighting
If you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us :

and of course we are always looking for talented Nuke and 3D artists, so drop us an email and tell us more about you :

Jul 06

Johan Thorngren – CG garage podcast

Great podcast with Johan Thorngren, nowadays working at ILM

Johan Thorngren

A closer look at the generalist group inside ILM

Sweden’s long, harsh winters compelled Johan Thorngren to pursue creative endeavours, and after a stint in advertising he accepted an enviable position with ILM in San Francisco.

As a generalist, Johan’s job is to pick up VFX shots which don’t fit into the typical pipeline. His workload has increased from a handful of shots on movies such as Star Wars: Episode III, to thousands for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

In this podcast, Johan talks about changes he’s seen in the visual effects industry over the past decade, creating the almost full-CG Leipzig airport battle forCaptain America: The Winter Soldier, and the wide range of software ILM has at its disposal to create stunning VFX shots. Chris and Johan also discuss the popular press’s opinion on CGI in movies, and invisible effects.

Jul 06

Fable FX

Multiple updates from Fable fx