Nov 04

HPA Awards Nominations Announced | Hollywood Reporter

More Swedish Nominations!

Congrats to ILP again for the double nominated at the HPA awards.

The teams are nominated for Blacksails and Westworld in the category

Outstanding Visual Effects – Television


Black Sails – “XXIX” Erik Henry Yafei Wu, Nicklas Andersson, David Wahlberg // Important Looking Pirates Martin Lippman // Rodeo


Westworld – “The Bicameral Mind”

Jay Worth // Deep Water FX, Bobo Skipper, Gustav Ahren, Jens Tenland // Important Looking Pirates,Paul Ghezzo // COSA VFX

Also –  Congrats to Robert Sethi at the mill LA for being nominated in

Outstanding Visual Effects – Commercial

Kia – “Hero’s Journey”
Robert Sethi, Chris Knight, Tom Graham, Jason Bergman // The Mill


Good luck to Robert and ILP!

Source: HPA Awards Nominations Announced | Hollywood Reporter


Nov 02

Paddle pop- Race | Milford

Paddle pop  – Race

New beautiful full cg commercial from Milford

Loved by kids all over world since the early 50´s, the Paddle Pop iconic character Max has been in a significant number of commercials, promos and films over the years.

It was a great legacy to manage when Milford was assigned by Lola Mullenlowe in Madrid to take the campaign to the next level. For over 60 years Max has been in various guises and for the last decade he has played an Indiana Jones kind of adventure character. Now it was time for a change and the request from Lola Mullenlowe and Unilever was very inspiring for an animation studio like us: make Max into a normal everyday life hero with quirky and funny characteristics and put him and his friends into tricky situations they have to solve. This is what we love with animation, bringing characters to life in situations you may not expect.

“Working with the Milford team was a blast. I never could imagine the efficiency and quick turnarounds they did and still keep great quality not far from what I´m used to from Dreamworks. You never know what to expect from a smaller studio but they really understand storytelling and how to bring characters and vivid worlds to life. I am very happy having this experience” – Director Gabe Hordos

client: Unilever

agency: Lola Mullenlowe

director: Gabe Hordos

producer: Demian Zarins

Oct 11

Roy winners 2017

Congrats to Swiss and GBK for winning this years Roy-awards.

See (in Swedish)

Bästa visuella effekter

Swiss – ”Alien” för Volkswagen
Juryns motivering: ”Med ett imponerade hantverk och stor kreativitet har man skapat fängslande visuella effekter som driver filmen framåt på ett fulländat sätt i sann Alien-anda. Med en enad juryn står det klart att detta är den värdiga vinnaren.”

Bästa animation



Goodbye Kansas – “Raid: World War II”
Juryns motivering: ”Bästa Animation har alltid varit ett pris som skapar extra mycket diskussion, då den omfattar så många olika tekniker, visuella uttryck och berättarformer. Uttrycket “animation” kommer från latinska “att ge liv” och detta har 2017 års jury valt att använda som ledord i bedömningen av årets bidrag.
Priset för Bästa Animation går därför till en film som förenar teknisk briljans med en filmiskt berättad, suggestiv historia. En film som imponerar med sitt hantverk men samtidigt håller publiken på tå från första till sista bildruta.”

Oct 10

Meindbender updates

King Emoji campaign 2017 from Mindbender.


Mindbender Credits:

Production Management

Rickard Germundsson – Producer
Henrik Skymne – CG-Supervisor
Bruno Hamsagic – Art Director


Calle Halldin – Animation Supervisor
Helio Tak – Animator
Derek Henriques – Animator
Bruno Hamzagic – Animator
Rafael Polanczyk – Animator

FX Simulation
Henrik Skymne – FX Simulation Artist

Pedro Conti – Lookdev Artist
Emre Salihov – Lookdev Artist

Henrik Skymne – 3D Generalist Artist

Kippcase Rigging Studio


Marwan Saliba – Digital Sculpting
Ina Carolina – 3D Modeling / Blendshape Character Artist
Dipti Samant – 3D Modeling


Emre Salihov – Render Supervisor
Johan Linde – Lighting Artist

Alan Banis – Post Production Supervisor
Arvid Wahlborg – Compositor
Bastian Zakolski – Compositor


Peter Andersson – IT
Marcus Ottosson – Pipeline



Oct 08

The Square -VFX breakdown | GBK

Check out this breakdown from GBK on their work on Ruben Östlunds – THE SQUARE



In May 2017 Ruben Östlund became the first Swedish director to win the top prize in Cannes since 1951, when his feature film “The Square” won the Palme d’Or.

The film is a satirical drama and dark comedy set in a future Stockholm, where the monarchy has been abolished and the Royal Palace has been turned into a prestigious Art Museum. The film will represent Sweden in the foreign-language Oscar race at the 90th Academy Awards in 2018.

Goodbye Kansas co-produced the film and helped with the VFX; reshaping the Royal Palace in Stockholm into the Art Museum X-Royal, and creating some rather upsetting action within the Square art installation that plays a significant role in the film.


Director: Ruben Östlund

Goodbye Kansas team
Executive Producer: Claes Dietmann
Producer: Johan Edström
Supervisor: Tomas Näslund
Supervisor: Cameron Scott
Lead Compositor & Animator: Anders Nyman
Lead Compositor: Andreas Cronström
Compositors: Carl-Johan Westregård, Daniel Nordlund, Denys Holovyanko, Fredrik Mannerfelt, Martin Borell, Mattias Sandelius, Sven Ahlström, Tim Harrysson, Zebastian Lilja
Conform: Henrik Klein
Rotoscope: Mattias Shivo, Liv Ståhl Malmström, Osama Al-Arbid
Simulation: Joakim Matsson
Modeling and Texturing: Jacob Moilanen
Modeling: Jonas Skoog, Magnus Eriksson
Matte Painting: Mikael Widegren, Mikael Eriksson
Texturing and Lighting: Sean Kalamgi
Photogrammetry – Jonathan Forefält